Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Monkey Man
As I secretly tell my partner my moves, I hear the opponents shiver in the breeze. They look at me like they're ready to win, But I can’t let that happen... The game starts. I throw the unripe grapefruit into the air, With all my might I smack the unripe grapefruit. I can visualize we get points for that throw, The points rapidly go up.

It’s up to the final shoot off. I know we can do this. I tell my partner to do the best that he can do because we have to win this. We smack the ball as hard and as powerful as we can and the reef has seen anything like this in his human kind. The game has been on for a long time, Me and my partner are tried as well as the opponents.

The game has finally come to an end…We win, I fall on to the ground with exhaustion I have tears in my eyes I can't believe it. We speak with the camera man, I have accomplished my dreams.

By Charlie

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